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PROTOCOL A Scalp massage using scalp massage oil - 15 Minutes Steam - 5 Min (Only if no hair fall and dandruff problem) Hair wash using Detox shampoo. hair Mask application Pressure Point Massage - 5 Min Apply conditioner and hair wash towel dry and serum application.

<p>Combats harmful effects of pollution, heat, humidity and hard water damage improve hair strength by enhancing natural hair hydrophobicity in porous, damage or dull hair, imparts naturally softer &amp; bouncier hair.</p><ul><li>Soft , Voluminous, Healthy and Bouncy Hair.</li><li>Insta Ready Hair with 100% Blow Dry.</li><li>Combats Hairfall &amp; Caused by Pollution.</li></ul><p>Damage Hair is characterised by high porosity which allow easy moisture absorption. Improving the hydrophobicity of hair enhances is strength, reduce breakage &amp; make it more resilient to heat and humidity.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>PROTOCOL</p><p>A Scalp massage using scalp massage oil - 15 Minutes</p><p>Steam - 5 Min (Only if no hair fall and dandruff problem)</p><p>Hair wash using Detox shampoo.</p><p>hair Mask application</p><p>Pressure Point Massage - 5 Min</p><p>Apply conditioner and hair wash</p><p>towel dry and serum application.</p>

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